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What is SEO, How is it Done?

Hello “1 Seo Uzmanı” followers In today’s article, I will try to present you what is SEO and how to do SEO work in a clear and understandable way. “SEO” means “Search Engine Optimization“, which has become more audible especially in the last few years, means doing the right things according to the search engine algorithm. Today, the internet is used as a very large mass media and it is the easiest way to reach others. Being more visible on the internet also means more earnings. The way to be more visible on the internet is to use Google from search engines and especially Google correctly. More visitors will come to a site that ranks higher in search results on Google. Some work needs to be done in order to succeed in getting to the top. These works are also called SEO. In addition to technical arrangements related to the site, SEO includes works such as original content production, getting backlinks from other sites. SEO is divided into two categories.

What is On Page SEO?

Transactions known as internal SEO or on-site SEO form the part of SEO work done on the site. In order to rank high in search engines results pages, the site must meet certain criteria. The first of these criteria is to include original content on the site. Google and other search engines attach great importance to original content and penalize duplicate content. Informative, high quality and original content is seen more value by search engines. Therefore, it is important to include completely original content that is relevant to the work of your site, informing the subject.

The selection of keywords to be included in these contents also plays an important role in Internal SEO studies. There are some words and phrases on Google that people search for more. The most searched words in the sector should be determined by using the researches and some tools used for this job and these words should be included in the original content produced. The number of keywords should not be too much. Search engines do not value excessive use of keywords in texts.

On Page SEO studies include technical processes about the site and optimizing the site. In addition to being coded correctly, the user experience and user interface should be taken into consideration and a site should be created to satisfy the users. Google also cares about how much time users spend on the page on average when they click on a site. Attention should also be paid to issues such as high page opening speed and compatibility with mobile devices.

What is Off-Page SEO?

The area you want to increase in the search results is not external on your own site, but external SEO processes are called external SEO. Any SEO work done outside the site falls under the scope of external SEO. External SEO works include promotional articles published on other sites, backlinks received, social media studies, banners published on other sites.

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