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Why 1 SEO Expert?

We are one of the most preferred SEO companies for SEO case studies. We are trying to reach you to your target audience in the digital market more easily by doing all the necessary infrastructure works that will allow you to reach the desired levels in search engines together with our professional SEO Expert team. Taking into account the key points in your industry and your competitors, we ensure that you are always a leading company in all of the SEO case studies that we make specifically for your website and support you to have a quality identity in the digital world. You can get professional SEO case service from us in order to stand out in the digital world and to be more accessible. Please contact us to find out our special offers.

Search Engine Optimization 96%
Off Site SEO Optimization 95%
On-site SEO Optimization 93%
Social Media Optimization 92%
Search Engine Marketing 89%

1 SEO Uzmani

As "1 SEO Expert Agency", we ensure that your website is stronger on the Internet and ranked higher in search results with our SEO case studies. We offer backlink control, cleanliness and link building, content development service, competitor and industry analysis, and keyword research services in addition to the works provided by our agency (on-site SEO + off-site SEO). In addition, the reporting process is also carried out so that you are aware of the work on your site. When you apply to our agency, we will provide you with all the services you request from us in detail.

Our services

SEO Service

The word SEO is made up of the abbreviations of ‘Search Engine Optimization’. As can be understood from here, SEO service is the work done for your website to be perceived by search engines more easily and for your website to appear higher in search engines result pages. Within the scope of our SEO service,…

Corporate SEO Services

Corporate SEO work is basically done in the same way as other SEO work. However, the main goal of the Corporate SEO work is to increase the prestige of the institution receiving the service or to increase the awareness of the brand. If this work is done as desired, the site that receives the corporate…

Ecommerce SEO Services

Trade volumes of e-commerce sites tend to grow day by day. When we look at the world commercial activities, we can see that the total income obtained through e-commerce has reached the level of 1.6 trillion dollars. The volume in the retail area increased from 4% to 8.5%. In short, e-commerce continues to increase its…

Local SEO Service

Sometimes companies that want to get SEO services can be companies with a local service network. SEO service provided within a certain region is referred to as Local SEO services. As 1 SEO Uzmanı Agency, we try to provide you with the best local SEO services. As a result of our work, positive increases will…


What is SEO, How is it Done?

Hello “1 Seo Uzmanı” followers In today’s article, I will try to present you what is SEO and how to do SEO work in a clear and understandable way. “SEO” means “Search Engine Optimization“, which has become more audible especially in the last few years, means doing the right things according to the search engine…

Professional SEO Expert

1 SEO Uzmanı Agency – Professional SEO Expert: Businesses that want to exist as an actor in the internet world as a company now have more chances than in the past. Especially with the support of a professional SEO expert, the work done here creates a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. This enormous system, which we…

California SEO Expert

If you plan to be stronger in your industry by making improvements for your website and applications, you are at the right place. As a strong actor of the market with California SEO Expert, you can now make your efficiency and potential with little touches. With On Page and Off Page studies on your website,…

Florida SEO Expert

Would you like to be one of the most powerful actors in the market by including very detailed details about your brand and services? Moreover, what is it like to do this with little touches and permanent solutions? In addition to all this, it’s very attractive and low cost, isn’t it? As Florida SEO Expert,…

Miami SEO Expert

Are you ready to meet Miami SEO Expert in SEO studies, which will allow you to get great results using the latest and most up-to-date practices and methods and to make the right analysis to place your site more effectively? Regardless of the target of your website and applications, we would like to work with…

Texas SEO Expert

Are you ready to meet the most perfect solutions that will appeal to your local and global audience? As Texas SEO Expert, we are proud to offer you highly effective SEO solutions that will make you one of the strongest actors in the market. In addition to all the SEO solutions used today, we can…

London SEO Expert

London SEO Expert continues to offer you the best to make your SEO work more efficient and to provide better feedback. Our company, acting step by step with you at all stages of SEO work, works for your website and applications to give you the results you want. While doing your site optimization with On-Page…

New York SEO Expert

We have already mentioned to you how valuable SEO work is on your website and applications. We also said what the internal and external SEO efforts target and how much it affects your website. Well, since these services are so valuable, where to start and what ways should you go for it? Of course, at…


Who is 1 SEO Uzmani Agency?

1 SEO Uzmani Agency is a multinational agency organization that offers creative and effective search engine optimization experience to corporate companies and individuals and focuses on providing the desired service in this field in Turkey and other countries. Creative SEO Agency started its operations in Turkey in 2016, was set up by Ali ÖKTEM in Muğla. The agency, which later realized its goal of gaining an international character; It has expanded its network with London and New York offices after Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa and Antalya.

1 SEO Uzmani Agency carries out optimization studies for all major search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing. Your company has an innovative and planned working system in order to increase the search results of your website and provide organic traffic to your website.

1 SEO Uzmani Agency; is an agency that provides professional SEO services on the digital world. It provides professional support to all your website's ranking in search engine results and to increase brand awareness. Our agency has 7 branches including 5 in Turkey and 2 abroad. In addition, it carries out its work in Corporate SEO with 12 staff and tens of solution partners.