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Trade volumes of e-commerce sites tend to grow day by day. When we look at the world commercial activities, we can see that the total income obtained through e-commerce has reached the level of 1.6 trillion dollars. The volume in the retail area increased from 4% to 8.5%. In short, e-commerce continues to increase its strength day by day. The biggest advantage of e-commerce can be shown as enabling more sales with less cost. Looking at this situation, it can be understood that the investment in e-commerce has been growing more day by day. It is also observed that companies investing in the Internet have grown 70% more in the last decade than their competitors.

The most important point about e-commerce sites is the fact that SEO works are vital. It would be a big mistake to set up an e-commerce site and wait for it to gain attention over time. Your site should gain power on the internet and climb higher in search engines, that is, it should pass other e-commerce sites. The power of the internet on trade is increasing day by day. People prioritize searching about the product on Google before purchasing it. In this case, it is extremely important that your site appears in top positions in Google searches. At this point, it will be understood how important it is to get SEO service for e-commerce sites. As “1 SEO Uzmanı Agency”, we provide the best service for your e-commerce site.

How to Do SEO Work on e-Commerce Sites?

The scope of SEO work for e-commerce sites is quite wide. It is necessary to apply both in-site and off-site SEO studies. We can list what should be done for a good e-commerce SEO Service as follows:

The Right Keyword Choice

Regardless of what it is given for, keyword selection is the key element for all SEO Service work. These studies also have a special importance for the e-commerce website. When searching on Google for the sector in which the site operates or the products sold on the site, your site should be ranked high. In the SEO service you will receive through the “1 SEO Uzmanı Agency”, the sector-specific keyword research is carried out meticulously. When choosing keywords, we take care to choose keywords that specify long tail (which specifies the unique properties of the product sold). In this way, you will be able to surpass your opponents in searches by using words. For example, if you are selling laptop computers on your site, the keyword selection will be “HP laptop”, not “laptop”. These key words are determined by our expert staff through tools such as Google Adwords Key Planner. Thus, you can be promoted more easily in search engines.

Product Page Optimization

In the e-commerce SEO services we provide as 1 SEO Uzmanı Agency, we prepare the pages for the final stage by matching the on-site SEO criteria. In our work, in addition to the texts on your site, the visuals on the page are also optimized. Thus, your site is indexed more easily by search engines.

Paying Attention to User Experience

Search engines, called “spiders”, make indexing after visiting your site. In order to do this better, your pages should be prepared in such a way that these spiders can detect them more easily. Otherwise, it may be difficult or even impossible to get higher rankings among search results. But the only factor you need to consider is not search engine spiders, it is important that visitors of the site, that is, people who are likely to be your customers, are easy to use the site. Upon your request, this service is also offered to you by 1 SEO Uzmanı. Categories and sub-categories are created on your site. Creating categories and sub-categories allows users to move more comfortably on your site. Google spiders also crawl your site more easily. Within the scope of the SEO service you get from “1 SEO Uzmanı”, in-site navigation is made more useful. Studies such as titles, descriptions of products on the site, original contents are also done.

Backlink Construction

As with all SEO work, backlink is very important in SEO service for E-commerce sites. The better these links are, the more search engines will perceive you as a good site and will place your site higher. For this reason, in the service we provide as “1 SEO Uzmanı”, backlink work takes an important place and is performed by our expert staff.

The most important point in this study is that Google punishes poor looking and unnatural connections. Links from bad sites will also lower your site’s score, and you cannot be high on the results page. In short, what matters is not the number of backlinks, but its quality. In the backlink studies carried out by “1 SEO Uzmanı”, the backlinks of the competitors in your sector are also examined and work is done by taking these into consideration.


SEO efforts for your e-commerce site will make it easier for your site to appear higher on the Google results page. The vast majority of Internet users mostly click on the results on the first page. This means that your top ranking will get you more customers. So if you are an ecommerce site owner, it means that you should definitely get SEO service from a specialized agency like “1 SEO Uzmanı“.

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