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About Us

Our company “1 SEO Uzmanı Agency” is a leading company in the field of SEO case studies. Our company has been bringing corporate SEO service to you since 2016. You can get SEO service through our company and you can see that your site reaches the desired point in the search results quickly. Services such as Search Engine Optimization and Adwords are provided by our expert team. The SEO works of our company are done regularly and systematically and it focuses on giving you the best result in the shortest time.

Our company was established in Muğla and started to serve here for the first time. However, in the following years, it grew with the quality of the SEO service it provided and opened offices in different cities and continued to provide SEO services there. Currently in Turkey, including Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir Besides, there are also our offices in Antalya and Bursa in this office, SEO work is done. In addition, we have an office in London, the capital of England, and here we provide SEO service in an exclusive way. Thanks to this wide network of SEO services, the work of our company gives very good results. Our company provides SEO services with its staff of 8 experts.

Our Services

Our company stands out with the Corporate SEO service we offer you. Corporate SEO service is the name given to the SEO work for companies with corporate identity to increase their income by rising in Google and other search engines. Today, it is very important to use Search Engine Optimization in the most accurate way for the websites of all companies with a corporate identity. The SEO studies carried out within our company are carried out by considering the economic power of the internet today. In this way, you can increase the ranking of your brand or your company in search engines with the SEO support you will receive from our company and you will also gain significant gains in sales revenue.


The SEO studies of our company are carried out not only for Google but also for all search engines with a certain share in the search engine market. 1 SEO Uzmanı Agency acts by taking into consideration the updates in search engine algorithms in its works. The result is an SEO work that is error-free, compliant with SEO guidelines and up-to-date. 1 As a result of our work as an SEO Expert Agency, you will see that your company or corporate e-commerce site with a corporate identity is rapidly increasing on the search engines result pages.

As we are a company that has adopted the principle of working systematically, regularly and on-site, the SEO service you will receive from us will definitely please you in terms of its results.