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Corporate SEO Services

Corporate SEO work is basically done in the same way as other SEO work. However, the main goal of the Corporate SEO work is to increase the prestige of the institution receiving the service or to increase the awareness of the brand. If this work is done as desired, the site that receives the corporate SEO service will reach the desired prestige and prestige more easily.

How is Corporate SEO Service Provided?

Our Corporate SEO work provided by our agency consists of three stages. These stages are to determine the strategy that will achieve the goal, to analyze, to plan and implement the SEO work.

Determining the Strategy

When you apply to our agency to get Corporate SEO Service, the goals you want to achieve are taken into account first. Then an analysis is made for your site and the strategies to be followed are determined to reach your destination. We can list these steps as follows.

  • Information about the current status and history of your website is collected and analyzed.
  • Analyzes are made about the status of your site’s competitors in the industry and their ranking in the search engines.
  • The targeted audience is detected. The trends that the audience wants to attract from the search engines to the site are determined. It is determined which products or brands the target audience sympathize with and which ones they avoid and as a result, analysis studies are carried out about them.
  • In order to make the brand or company applying for corporate SEO service more visible on the internet, it is decided what content should be produced, what keywords should be, and which social media platforms are suitable for promotional activities.
  • It is determined that the most correct strategy is required for the site that receives corporate SEO service to reach its targeted location.

On-Site SEO Work

The works that have a very important place in corporate SEO studies are generally in-site SEO studies. As “1 SEO Uzmanı Agency“, we aim to create a user-friendly website as a result of our on-site SEO studies. We also make sure that the content on the site is quality and original. Thus, all necessary infrastructure is provided in order to prevent competing sites in the sector. Among the on-site SEO works we have done within the scope of corporate SEO services are as follows:

  • Choosing the appropriate domain name
  • The coding of the site in an original way, using html5, javascript and similar coding languages.
  • Preparation of articles and images that will attract customers from the section determined as the target audience to your site. On the site, it will increase user satisfaction, comment, question-answer, etc. Including parts.
  • Application of site acceleration techniques
  • Making XML sitemap settings correctly
  • Keeping the contents up to date

Off Site SEO Studies

Off site SEO studies also take an important place in corporate SEO service. Studies such as giving links from reputable sites to the site that provides SEO services, and using social media sites (such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) to stand out the site are important steps of corporate SEO work outside the site. The following steps should be taken for a good offsite corporate SEO work:

  • Correct use of Social Media. Determining which social media sites the target audience follows the most and giving priority to this platform.
  • Opening accounts on Social Media platforms, and continuously publishing content from these accounts aiming to increase brand awareness.
  • To determine how much the back links that appear after sharing on various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) increase the click rate. As a result of a good analysis of this, the increase of brand visibility in social media.
  • Getting natural looking backlinks from highly reputable sites.
    Reporting of studies

Benefits of Corporate SEO Work

As a result of the Corporate SEO studies performed by “1 SEO Uzmanı“, your brand’s recognition on the internet will increase greatly and will have a more positive prestige. As a result of the posts made on social media, a visible increase in the traffic of your site will be observed. All of these will provide a positive commercial return to the brand that receives corporate SEO services. When your site gets a stronger look on the internet, the number of customers and the sales rate of your products will naturally increase.

SEO work is a process that spreads over time. After getting SEO service, it would not be the right approach to wait for your site to rank on the result pages the next day. The most accurate and desired ideal results begin to emerge in a few months. In the corporate SEO service provided by “1 SEO Uzmanı“, each step is calculated and taken and it is aimed to give you the best result in the long term. It is very important that a quality corporate SEO service continues continuously. Content should be updated continuously, backlink purchases should continue and the posts made on social media sites should not stop. In addition, the website must be successful in terms of infrastructure.

If you want to get a professional SEO service professionally and increase your brand’s awareness on the internet, your application to “1 SEO Uzmanı Agency” will be appropriate.

Kader Öktem

I work as an SEO Expert at 1 SEO Uzmanı Agency


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