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SEO Service

The word SEO is made up of the abbreviations of ‘Search Engine Optimization’. As can be understood from here, SEO service is the work done for your website to be perceived by search engines more easily and for your website to appear higher in search engines result pages. Within the scope of our SEO service, professional outputs are provided by working on the design of your website, its content, the loading speed of the pages, coding, writing the original content and using the right keyword.

How is SEO Services Done?

As “1 SEO Uzmanı“, we offer you the best SEO services thanks to our experience and expertise in this field. As an agency, we ensure that your website gets the best rankings on search engine result pages in line with our professional optimization studies. “1 SEO Uzmanı ” provides SEO services for all search engines. We also offer more professional outputs by conducting sector analysis and competitor analysis.

What is Done Within the Scope of SEO Case Service?

Our services are provided in a very professional manner by our expert staff. As soon as possible, you will find that your visibility on the internet has increased and your website has ranked higher in the search engines result pages. Services provided by “1 SEO Uzmanı” agency can be listed as follows;

  • On Page SEO Optimizations
  • Off Page SEO Optimizations
  • Backlink Inspection and Cleaning
  • Keyword Study
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Creating Content
  • Backlink Construction
  • Control and Reporting

On-Page Optimization (On Page Seo)

As an agency, we always focus primarily on On Page SEO work to provide SEO Service for a website. Within the scope of On Page SEO work, which is given by a fully expert team, reports are prepared in order to create a site that complies with today’s SEO standards, does not have errors and will give top results in search results. Then, in accordance with these reports, On Page SEO studies are carried out by us. Our goal is to eliminate all the missing and mistakes we report as much as possible and to make the site higher in the search results.

Backlink Inspection and Cleaning

If you have just created your site, your backlink profile is very clean. However, if an SEO has been done on your site before, your site’s backlink profile is probably not in good shape and is waiting to be cleaned or corrected.
There are some tools we use to measure your backlink profile. Tools like Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools are best used by our expert team and your backlink profile is analyzed with these tools.
Links to your site from other sites are examined and it is checked which ones are good-purpose and which are malicious threats. It is stated why the links in good condition are well, why the unhealthy ones are bad, and the poor quality ones are cleaned using the Link Rejection Tool.

Creating Contents

Content is very important for a website and acts as a skeleton. Search engines have given importance to the originality and quality of the content on their websites for many years. Sites with high quality, informative and original content are always more successful. As the “1 SEO Uzmanı Agency”, if you have an editorial team on your website that is interested in creating content, we best guide your team on how to create quality and original content. If you do not have such a team, we also provide the content creation service in person and help you achieve better results and become part of your team.

Best Keyword Selection

One of the most important parts of search engine optimization studies is keyword selection. If the content on the site contains the correct keywords, your site will be ranked higher in the search engines result pages. The fluency and originality of the text alone is not enough. Keywords must be chosen well. Using keyword analysis tools, we include keywords that will attract the most visitors to your site in your content.

Competitors Analysis

Performing SEO works at the desired level and successfully does not only depend on the studies related to your site or your brand. Your competitors can get SEO service as you do or they can improve their sites with their own work. For this reason, every competitor that ranks high in the search results should be analyzed. After analyzing the opponent’s weaknesses and strengths, researches are carried out to make you better than the opponent.

Backlink Construction

In order to increase the power of your site on the internet, it is extremely important that there are links that point to your site in highly respected sites. It is best done by our expert team to build links to certain places of the pages in a way to increase the power of your website on the internet.


The SEO service provided by our agency is quite extensive. The desired results appear in the long term. For this reason, we provide our customers with more professional results by instantly reporting our service with all the fine details. The reports are prepared in a way that you can access at any time and made ready for access. In this way, you get the full value of your fee. You can be instantly informed about the rise of your site’s ranking in search engines and instant problems on the site.

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